We know that there are other Country clubs in Tulsa who solve the problem be able to both relax you and provide you with an outlet for any of your stress or anxiety. But, we are somebody who pride ourselves on knowing firsthand the stresses that come along way of daily life and we make a conscious effort to address these needs. We literally put ourselves in your position and try to think what we want them and what would work can put our minds at ease. The problem that we solve is what many people spend vast amounts of money on trying to solve.

We are one of the only Country clubs in Tulsa really creates an experience for overall that you can feel both mentally and physically. Everything that we do for you is provided an extremely affordable cost and it is very clear that our main goal is to make you happy and not just to get you in for your membership purposes. Another problem that we solve is being able to house everybody when you have an event. Not only do we provide a beautiful backdrop, we simultaneously entertain a large variety of guests. Because of the members aware able to handle many people choose us over others.

We checked and a number of other Country clubs in Tulsa do not have the same capacity that we have as far as accommodation goes. Our main dining hall which is used for many of our banquets and receptions is able to house up to 200 guests. In addition to this we have a meeting room that is fully Kimball of accommodating up to 45 guests. We have countless amounts of possibilities and it comes to a backdrop and if you are somebody who needs to have it just right then we will work with you to provide the perfect environment for you no matter what you are trying to plan.

We will suggests amazing people are some of the way can help make this experience exactly what you want to be. If we do not have to be on staff can handle the request that you have been we are very open to sharing with you the names of other professionals that we have come to trust. Now, don’t have to go with the suggestions that we make, it is just a bonus that we offer because we truly care and we know that whatever is good for you is good for us in the end. We pound home the fact that we provide elegance from beginning to end.

Are you looking for a private country club experience of incredible guest service? Well, we have you covered here. Are you looking for an indoor and outdoor event space that provides complementary dance floors as well as linens? Are you somebody who loves to have a variety of attractively priced options for you to choose from? If you have said yes to any of these things then let us be the one to solve all the problems or concerns that you have about your event.

Country Clubs in Tulsa | What Is the History of Meadowbrook Country Club?

There are many Country clubs in Tulsa who have a very rich history and here at Meadowbrook we are no different. Not only have we been around for many years but we have recently become revitalized. There was a time when we were on a little of a hiatus and the future of this place was totally up there and in question. Through this process we have come through to the other side and got a complete and total facelift.

Now, we are one of the most updated Country clubs in Tulsa and we are absolutely on the cusp of becoming the absolute best. We have all the ingredients that are required in the formula to do this and it’s just a matter of when not if. This is the best possible time for you to join us up before things get to full and our membership cup overflows. We know that you should have a sense of urgency overtaking you at this point because this would be a huge regrets for years to come if you don’t take advantage.

The history of Country clubs in Tulsa is a very rich and we are very proud to be a part of history. We have always existed and made it our mission to provide the highest low of quality when it comes to the courses solve. But, this will be in vain if we were not to take care of you as the customer. We don’t even like see it as if you are a customer. We would rather look at it like you are extremely close friend or even an immediate family member we would do anything in our power here on earth to be able to please and to help.

Throughout our entire history we have always been very well known for taking care of not only the golfer but the golfers entire family. We are always of mentality that we are only limited by the imagination of the customer. Even though this sounds cliché cannot be more true. Whenever you have the opportunity to come in for a private tour that will enable you to explore every possibility and be able to envision the event that you have in your mind, fusing it with a tangible backdrop in order to move your dream the very next step.

We have a rich history of customization and accommodation on every level. The attention of the detail that we have is something that people rave about time and time again. We also have a history of being there for people when they contact us. If you want to go ahead and take the custom tour that all you have to this point is contact Kerri Hinds. She will take care of you and her cell phone number is 918 – 252 – 4121. If you would like to email her that information is available as well at the bottom of our wedding page. All you do is click the white and brown button that reads submit an inquiry. As soon as this happens you can be confident that we will receive your information and respond accordingly.