Here, people have all types of time where they want to call our Tulsa Country Club into that we say totally fine. Does not matter what time day and I need to call us because if we miss you by any chance then we will get back to you promptly. You will not get a robot or a crazy menu when you call us that circles back multiple times. Whenever you get that is when you go ahead and reach out if you want. Our phone number is 918 – 252-4121 and we literally are so excited to hear from you that we can hardly contain it.

Our Tulsa Country Club is a cut above the rest and we are very excited to be back in business. We are maintaining the level of integrity that we always have and the tradition that we had come to be known for, but in the same time we are able to provide a new spin on things and a modern take on a traditional game. Because were up and running again has given us a new sense of joy and excitement in the system that we want to share with you. If you did not catch our address before we’re located at 9300 E. 81st St. and this is an Tulsa, OK 74133.

You never want to go to a another Tulsa Country Club ever again much of currency in ours. It is not just the environment or individuals that you get when you come see our country club make excited. No, what should make excited is when you walk around and you see people engage you and talk to you know all about your life and really feel like their family. We have a deep connection with our customers and we don’t really see them as customers is much as we do members and some of the best from that we have ever had.

We really have a solid core group of people and we believe that in any situation matter what you are doing and why it is the people who made the difference and that cannot be understated. We are all very positive and uplifting is extremely important because you cannot how a stress-free environment if you have anyone’s been negative. We know that can be a huge amount of people and only one of them is negative it can almost bring down the entire group.

So, we hope you’re very excited to be, and see all the things that we can do for you. Even if it’s been a little since the last time you played the game, what a good opportunity for you to be able to come and reignite a passion they had before. Is such a unique course that we literally have something that everybody wants. We provide such a large variety and our main goal is to do everything that we possibly can do are to make your life incredible. You’ll find that you spent a lot more time here than you are anywhere else and you will not be upset. Thank you so much for your interest and hope to hear from you.

Tulsa Country Club | What Areas Does Meadowbrook Country Club Service?

You might be wondering, does this Tulsa Country Club service just Tulsa or are they a place that is available to people little bit further away? Well, we really aim to provide anybody who wants it with an incredible golf experience. We are a lot more affordable than comparable places but we do not skimp on quality even a little bit. Reason we can do this is because of the vision that we have for this course and the fact that we are to save it from closing down originally.

We are the premier Tulsa Country Club but we believe that we are also on a level that is a lot higher than any of the other courses around. We take a very heightened interest in attention to detail and we do whatever is necessary. If you look at our page you’ll feel to see that there is an option to go over to what the dress for us. When complete breakdown from what you should be worrying when you golf, along with your clubhouse or dining room entire only down to your swimming and general attire. This just gives you a little bit of an idea of what to expect.

At our Tulsa Country Club where similar to other ones in a couple ways. First of all, we’re going to golf your men’s shirts must have callers. If there shorts the amount of them be women’s or men’s they must be off Bermuda length or style specifically designed for golf. By this room you should be no shorter than inside we prohibit any of the following types of clothing on the golf course along with on any of our practice facilities; swimsuits, T-shirts, bedpans and/or genes and all types of gym where it should be sweatpants something such as this.

We really discourage short shorts and short cut off long run insurance or tennis length skirts. Discourage tank tops and the tops. We also reserve the right to regulate footwear that is worn on the golf course. This is so we can better service you and can provide an environment that everybody comes to expect as a comfortable and professional place that of the cut above the rest. Whenever you are in dining room or the clubhouse we just encourage you have casual attire and make sure it is in good taste. Monsters, again, must have callers. If you do have a child who is under the age of six them they must be a company by an adult.

We know that something very sorry about is the fact that we offer a pool. Something we are very overjoyed will offer you and your family. Many people enjoy such a large full but it is never too overcrowded and you really are of enjoy yourself while spreading yourself out. You can set up their home base on the pool would be Patty of Asia regional at a point and have a picnic. Many times we provide a barbecue and we just house together in order to have a family like atmosphere. Everybody appreciates us and they really enjoy their time.